Brookfield owns, operates and manages approximately $46 billion AUM of infrastructure assets spanning transportation, renewable power, utilities and energy. We have extensive operations in North and South America, the United Kingdom and Europe, and Australasia.

We leverage our Brookfield Infrastructure Group, which includes our leading Infrastructure and Renewable Energy platforms, to offer infrastructure investment strategies that aim to achieve superior, long-term, risk-adjusted returns. Our long history of strategic, deep-value investing and expertise in corporate restructuring provides a strong basis for us to create value, and has been central to our investment approach. 

Since 2006, we have launched the funds described below.

Fund Description

Infrastructure Fund II
Vintage: 2013

Invests in core infrastructure assets on a value basis in the transportation, renewable power, utilities and energy sectors and enhance value by leveraging Brookfield’s operations-oriented approach.

Infrastructure Fund I
Vintage: 2009

Invests in large scale infrastructure transactions in targeted regions in North and South America with particular emphasis on utilities, renewable power, energy and transportation.
Colombia Infrastructure Fund
Vintage: 2009
Invests in infrastructure assets, such as utilities and transportation, in Colombia.
Peru Infrastructure Fund 
Vintage: 2010
Invests in infrastructure assets, such as utilities and transportation, in Peru.
Chilean Transmission Fund 
Vintage: 2006
Transelec Transmission, acquired by Brookfield and a consortium of partners, is the largest electricity transmission company in Chile, consisting of over 8,000 kilometers of transmission lines, and is considered a superior, irreplaceable asset with a stable revenue profile located in a favorable, regulatory environment.