~$250B assets under management
$108B fee bearing capital (+15% since Q2 2015)
$2.0B annualized base fees & target carry (+41% since Q2 2015)

As an investor or potential investor in Brookfield Asset Management, you should know that we are driven by a singular objective – achieving superior shareholder returns. We believe that the most tangible way of accomplishing this goal is by building our cash flows and increasing our return on invested capital.
Specifically, our goal is to generate 12%-15% compound annual growth on a per share basis over the long term. And we have a track record of success. Our shares have generated an 18% compound annual return over the last 20 years.

With world class operating platforms, a global footprint , significant liquidity at our disposal for reinvestment at enhanced returns and the continued evolution of our business into a less capital intensive asset manager, we should be able to increase the value of your investment on a risk-adjusted basis, greater than the underlying assets would themselves otherwise generate.

Why Brookfield?  

Q2 2016

Long life assets with growing cash flows


Assets under management
Significant growth in fee-bearing capital


Fee bearing capital increased 15% over Q2 2015
Interests aligned with clients and investors


Ownership of common stock by management and directors


Invested along with our clients in private funds
and co-investments
Substantial liquidity and access
to capital


Core liquidity


Uninvested client capital


We invite you to learn more about our strategy by reading our Corporate Profile and Investor Meeting presentation, visiting other areas of our web site or by talking to one of the members of the Brookfield Asset Management team.



Investor Enquiries

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Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP:
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Brookfield Renewable Partners LP:
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Zev Korman: 1-416-359-1955

Brookfield Business Partners L.P:
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Jennifer Ritchie: 1-416-956-5230

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