Infrastructure: Overview

11,100 km of transmission lines
~15,000 km of natural gas transmission pipelines
~3.7m acres of timberlands
~600,000 acres of agricultural land


Brookfield invests globally in long-life, infrastructure assets that generate stable and growing cash flows with high barriers to entry and low maintenance capital requirements.
Infrastructure is recognized as an important asset class critical to the support of sustainable economic development with institutional investors increasingly attracted to this sector, due to its relatively low volatility and solid returns.

Brookfield has over 100 years of experience owning and operating infrastructure assets. Our portfolio under management includes direct and indirect ownership interests in utilities, transport, energy, communications infrastructure and sustainable resources in North and South America, Europe and Australia.


Utilities transmit and distribute essential products and services such as electricity, natural gas and water to communities on a global basis. Brookfield has owned and operated various utilities businesses for over 100 years in both North and South America. Today, our portfolio of utilities spans 6 countries and 4 continents - Australia, UK, Chile, Colombia, U.S. and Canada and includes 11,100 km of electricity transmission lines, 2.6 million electricity and 285,000 smart meters.

As an investment, utilities represent a unique asset class. Due to their natural monopoly status, utilities are highly regulated and produce stable cash flows with inflationary growth. Brookfield’s portfolio also benefits from diversity across regulatory regimes with significant opportunities to invest in system expansions at attractive returns.


Brookfield’s transport assets are essential infrastructure networks that move freight, bulk commodities and passengers. Key attributes of our holdings including high barriers to entry, stable revenues supported by long-term contracts or customer relationships and the ability to benefit from increasing customer demand. Assets in this geographically diverse portfolio include a large railroad in Southwestern Australia, 33 ports in North America, the UK and Europe, and ~3,600 km of motorways in Brazil, Peru, Chile and India.


Brookfield’s energy business is comprised of systems that provide energy transmission, distribution and storage services. The energy infrastructure portfolio includes high quality assets that generate stable revenues, supported by long-term contracts and customer relationships. Brookfield’s holdings include one of the largest natural gas transmission and pipeline systems in the U.S., unregulated natural gas and liquid propane gas distribution operations in Australia and the UK, significant natural gas storage capacity in Alberta and the continental U.S., and district heating and cooling systems in Canada and the U.S.

Communications Infrastructure

The communications infrastrcuture business provides essential services and critical infrastructure to the media broadcasting and telecom sectors. It generates stable, inflation-linked cash flows underpinned by long-term contracts with large prominent customers. The portfolio consists of approximately ~7,000 multi-purpose towers and active rooftop sites and 5,000 km of fibre backbone in France.

Sustainable Resources


Brookfield has a 40-year track record of owning and operating timberlands in North and South America that generate strong, sustainable cash flows. Our portfolio of timberlands under management is approximately ~3.7 million acres and we have a track record for sustainable management of this resource. We believe that our timberland operations have a number of attractive attributes that position us well for continued strong and growing cash flows:
  • Scarce, high value, premium asset
  • Market access and location
  • Favourable industry dynamics
  • Diversified product mix
  • High margin business with sustainable cash flows


Over three decades, Brookfield has built an agricultural development business that now encompasses ~600,000 acres of agricultural land dedicated mainly to the production of grains including soybean and corn and heads of premium cattle. We invest our own capital and that of our investment partners in this sector.

Our approach is to invest in properties which can be converted to higher-and-better uses, which benefit from infrastructure development, productivity improvements or debt market developments. This conversion process has generated significant increases in the value of our properties over time and the business holds great promise, as the industry grows to satisfy rising global demand for food and fuel.

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