Brookfield has over 30 years of private equity investing experience and has demonstrated the ability to successfully deploy significant capital over a number of market cycles. We often approach investing from a contrarian perspective, targeting out-of-favor sectors, and leveraging the knowledge base across our real assets and related operating platforms to source proprietary transactions and develop underwriting theses.

We seek to invest in high-quality assets in industries where we believe we have a competitive or informational advantage. Target opportunities include investments in businesses that are low cost producers or benefit from high barriers to entry, and in many cases have tangible underlying assets. Our contrarian approach to investing looks to source transactions in out-of-favor sectors and utilize our industry-recognized leadership in distressed investing and restructurings.

Post-acquisition, we seek to deploy an active management approach focused on strategic, operational and/or financial improvements.

Since 2001, we have launched the funds described below.

Fund Description

Brookfield Capital Partners I, II, III & IV
Vintage: 2001/2006/2010/2015

Invests in financially distressed and/or underperforming companies located primarily in Canada and the U.S. focused on opportunities requiring financial and/or operational restructuring, strategic redirection or enhanced management attention. Investments are structured with a view toward gaining effective control over, or exerting significant influence on, the reorganization process.

Bridge Lending Funds I, II & III
Vintage: 2003/2007/2009
Provides event-driven financing to Canadian and U.S. mid-market companies in need of quick access to short-term financing and/or standby credit facilities.
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