With approximately $250 billion of assets under management and a century of experience as business operators, Brookfield has developed expertise in areas such as energy and water conservation, recycling, wildlife preservation, timber harvesting and erosion control. We pursue innovative programs and systems that foster environmental responsibility across all of our operations. Reviewing and improving our sustainability practices is an ongoing priority at all levels of the organization.  

Brookfield Environmental Principles

At Brookfield, we pride ourselves on contributing positively to the communities in which we operate. From an environmental perspective, that means we continually strive to minimize our impact on the environment, while balancing the need for economic growth for the company and these communities.

With over 100 years of operating experience across asset classes and businesses, we have built a track record of achievements and recognition for our efforts. The initiatives we undertake and the investments we make in building our company are guided by our core set of values around sustainable development.

Very simply we:
  • Commit to the principle that our business decisions will address social issues, including the long term sustainability of communities, taking into account the current and future environmental, safety, health and economic considerations
  • Ensure that effective management systems in all our facilities are in place to minimize risks to the environment, safety health and communities
  • Comply with all applicable legislation, regulation and with other practices. In the case of the acquisition of an existing operation or facility that is out of compliance, our goal is to operate in compliance as soon as practicable
  • Establish clear objectives and targets to meet and/or exceed North American standards
  • Communicate openly on a timely basis with employees, the public, government officials, and other stakeholders on activities involving environment, safety and health
  • Conduct regular assurance audits and self evaluations of our management systems, programs and activities

Clean Power

Our power portfolio represents one of the world’s largest collections of renewable energy facilities, with more than 200 hydro stations and wind farms on three continents. In an average year, our plants generate enough clean power to supply 1.5 million homes. The same output from coal-fired generation would produce 15 million tons of CO2. Our ability to produce energy during peak periods, and conserve water during off peak hours, meets an important social need, as we deliver clean power when demand is at its highest.

In addition to producing carbon-free clean power, we employ corporate responsibility and sustainability standards in our renewable energy operations that include:

  • Environmental Management Systems modeled on the ISO 14001 Standard
  • Safe Work Management Systems aligned with the OHSAS 18001 Standard

Efficient Properties

As one of the largest commercial property investors in the world, we are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Sustainability is a priority for our tenants, and as landlords, our goal is to exceed their expectations. We know that shrinking the environmental footprint in our buildings, and cutting back on energy, water and waste will have a positive effect on the financial performance of our assets.

Within our 300 million-square foot property office portfolio, we currently have:

  • 39 Leadership in Energy and Environmental (LEED) certifications
  • 100% of our Canadian properties earned BOMA BESt (Building Environmental Standards) certification
  • 80% of our U.S. properties achieved ENERGY STAR certification
  • 80% of our Australian portfolio received a 4-Star rating from NABERS
  • Four office properties in the UK received or are targeting BREEAM Excellent ratings

Brookfield's commitment to the LEED and NABORS programs extends beyond our buildings and planned developments to our workforce. Many of our property management professionals have sought out and secured personal LEED or NABORS certifications.

Across Brookfield, we are introducing programs to increase our property portfolio’s energy efficiency and decrease water usage. Recent initiatives include:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations installed across our office portfolio
  • Tenant programs in our office buildings to encourage use of alternative transport, including mass transit and bicycles
  • Solar power panels at four shopping malls, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Tenant energy reporting portals across our property portfolio to enhance monitoring and management of energy consumption
  • Retro-commissioning the equipment and systems across our property portfolio, including introduction of energy-efficient heating, lighting and water systems
  • Rainwater collection cisterns installed in our industrial and retail property portfolio
  • Smart weather monitoring systems are reducing water used in irrigation of our shopping mall's green space

Responsible Forestry

Our timber practices meet or exceed measures set under the U.S. Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI 2010-2014 Standard), a code that balances the economic benefits of forest management with other forest values. The major principles in this program include:

  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Soil Preservation
  • Protection of Water Resources
  • Protection of Special Sites and Biological Diversity